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· William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Book by Ian Doescher · May the verse be with you!


· R2 - Pi series by Monsterbrick ·


May the 4th be with you!

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· Star Wars Leg Lamp ·


star wars football teams


Star Wars Icons Made into Origami

Software engineer Martin Hunt, who lives in London, has found a way to fold Star Wars ships, droids and other characters into origami. He started when he was studying math at Southampton University.He has created 20 designs already, which you can see on his website, Starwarigami, and has planned a list of 83 more designs which will be coming from a galaxy far far away.

In October, Hunt showed some of his paper versions at the London MCM Expo and Comic Con, and currently he’s seeking a publisher for a book.


Episode VIII just arrived this morning. I have a good feeling about this one! (at www.slant6ix.com)

· Star Wars Halloween printable Masks ·


Official Star Wars Glasses by Lessthanhuman 

Officially-sanctioned by LucasArts, these color-coordinated Star Wars reading glasses are the sleekest form of eyewear in any galaxy, be it ours or one far, far away. Even a Bantha can see that! Soon to be available through aigan, though it looks as if they’ll only be available in the Outer Rim of Japan and not in the Core Worlds.

Artists: Website (via: If It’s Hip It’s Here)

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